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Post a Project It’s Free

Create an event listing and instantly connect to verified vendors.
Invite the best candidates and start receiving profiles within minutes.

Hire Verified Professionals

Compare profiles, work histories, ratings and client feedback in one convenient place.
Interview your favourites and hire with a click of a button.

Work Effortlessly

Meet and collaborate with vendors using our communication tools and
keep track of all your projects through our innovative dashboard.


Exclusive PartiesStart getting high


Catering EventsWorld Famous Recipes


Themed Birthday PartiesCreating Wonderful Memories


Music Concerts & PartiesPrivate & Personalized

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Stay Busy With Thousands Of Listing

Find projects related to your services and that matches to your skill set.

Compete Effortlessly

Standout in the competition with your proposal, apply with confidence.

Show Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiate on budget with the client and increase your margins.

Keep Your Clients Happy

Deliver the quality services, provide value and earn best ratings from customers.

"Just Invite your guests, Let partyysmart take care of rest"


Find and select Category

Choose from our many categories to post the event

Our vast selection of categories lets you choose the right fit of vendors for your event and parties.

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Award project. Sit back. Enjoy

2 steps process to award project when you find the right candidate

Partyysmart lets you choose the best candidate for your project through its selection and vetting process. Once your project has bids you can review porfolios & Select the best vendor.

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